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DimWiddy / Will Collins

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Hey everyone!  I'm a guy who does a little bit of everything in terms of visuals and sound.


  • 2D illustration/digital painting with Photoshop
  • Pixel art/animation with Pyxel Edit
  • Character design (or anything else that needs a little flair)


  • HD music using FL Studio 20
  • Authentic NES/Famicom chiptunes with Famitracker
  • MIDI music... also with FL Studio 20

My portfolio contains a good amount of my art and a few samples of my music.  If you want more of my music, see my SoundCloud.

I stream art and music semi-frequently on my Twitch page, and I even have custom emotes you can use if you have FrankerFaceZ added to your browser.

I'm working on a project of my own called Latka!

If you want me to work on your project, to commission me, or just to talk, you can email me at [email protected] or message me at Dimmers#7528 on Discord.

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