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Rossil Fuel


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Ahoy there, I am the legendary Rossil Fuel!... well, I will be legendary!

Place seems good so I'll hang around for a while and see the community grow.

I'm an artist by trade and I work on and create game ideas. Along with that I enjoy writing, worldbuilding, metal and chiptune music and love medieval maces.

Studied 5 years in higher education, 4 years of which were specifically for games.


Logo v1 smol.png

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Hi there, thank you! I've sadly never been a part of a full release game project, but was commissioned for Dungeons Dawns and Deviants and have created the pixel art icon for a musicians brand. I've spent a lot of time working as part of and in leading teams of game devs in university and have made many assets for those projects and for my own personal endeavors.

Though it was patchy at the beginning, I have technically been making pixel art for 9 years 😛

Currently I'm just waiting for someone to commission me and learning a small amount of programming on the side to make a small, yet hopefully complete game project.

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