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JP Sarmiento

Font Pairings tools for Designers/Developers

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Hello there Hypelancers, I'm new here and just wanted to introduce myself with this new tool I'm about to launch: https://fontpairings.bypeople.com

It is called Font Pairings, and as it names praises it will hopefully help you choosing the best typography to match your website 💪

  • At the moment you can choose different predesigned layouts to test the fonts onto
  • We have up to 80+ preselected pairings by our designers to help you find more options
  • We're currently working on a functionality for the user to add its own URL, so you'll be able to test the fonts directly on your website or ANY website 😉

Thanks a lot in advance for sharing some honest feedback! What do you think of the landing page? Do you think this is easy-to-use and understand? 🙂 


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1 minute ago, JP Sarmiento said:

@Sajid Ahamed Thanks a lot mate! What do you think of the performance, had some time for testing it? 🙂 

I didn't get to test it extensively all throughout, though it did take a few seconds to load everything, but once that was over, it was instantaneous as I switched through a few font pairs. I really like how it has a lot of templates and placement designs and such to shuffle through. I will do a more intensive test to pick favourites. I am loving it ❤️

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