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DevTeam (UpSideJourney)

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Hello, my name is Roy or (Mr.Mus). Im creating a game called UpSideJourney and its about a kid who’s world is put in place of mysterious animals, but some areas of the world is different. Gravity reverses itself when it wants to and the player must find he’s way through the journey. For the team im in need of a Writer, Programer, Co-Programer, Character Artist, Scenery Artist, and sound composer. We will be programming it on Unity and using other programs for different careers . Please note that this game is going to be made in 2D. Please Dm if you are interested and Dm or email me at [email protected] for more. Note that this is a free project and any profit we make from the game will be given to those who work on the game. Thank you!

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