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Blog and Policy Changes

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Hey there,

Hypelance is a constantly evolving platform for you all and we aim to enrich our user experience however we can. Thank you all for your support and if you have any extra suggestions to make, feel free to contribute your ideas here.

One of our values is to make a community that shares ideas along with resources, and we wanted to create a blog talking about and promoting freelancing, yet also supporting the bloggers behind these articles.

Our new blog aims to fulfill all those objectives discussing topics about freelancing and the industry behind it, sometimes offering to be educational material that you all could find useful.

A big shoutout to @Joshua_Potts who helped spark this idea and also contributing the first article to our blog! As this is a community blog, anyone is allowed to contribute their own guest post should it be of suitable quality! If you are a writer who is interested in this, feel free to message me directly through our messaging system or email us at [email protected]! Writers who do contribute to Hypelance are also free to cross-post their own articles onto their own blogs and other platforms with given notice.


Policy Changes
Hypelance is a community for freelancers, and we aim to create a quality-oriented marketplace not cluttered with valueless products and services. We wish to set a standard of quality that creates a community atmosphere that is not trashy but instead refreshing to visit where everyone can appreciate each other’s work.

As such, we will be highly discouraging any posts that involve work under a fixed budget of $15 as a base benchmark. Additionally, all posts are subject to moderation and may be removed at our discretion should we believe your work does not positively influence and contribute to our community ethos.

Furthermore, we will be implementing minimum wages to certain existing categories of services to reinforce the basic standards of quality we expect out of this community:

  • Design & Media - $15/hr;
  • Writing - $0.05/word;
  • Website & Software Development - $20/hr;
  • System Administration & Networking - $15/hr.

Note we hold the expectation that you disclose your minimum pricing upfront on your posts to ensure transparency is promoted throughout the platform.

The Hosting category is exempt from these policies to allow for a more competitive environment of services to be nurtured. 

Should you believe any of these rates need to be adjusted, feel free to propose new suggestions on our Site Feedback sub-forum.


A large backend update was processed last night to our systems which fixes a large list of bugs as well as improving existing aspects of the site. Notable fixes and additions include:

  • Performance improvements for a much more snappier user experience;
  • Added the ability to search personal messages by recipient and sender name;
  • Added support for more explicit browser autofill on form fields;
  • More accurate read/unread status for notifications;
  • Added a “Use a different account” button on OAuth login screen;
  • And many more tiny changes and fixes.

As always, thank you all for your continued support contributing to Hypelance. We’ve had steady growth and we hope to continue pushing forward. Do share and spread the name of Hypelance around to get even more people involved!

- Lotus

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