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  1. Freelancing is kind of hard when you're just starting out, as you have a small portfolio and no prior clients who may be recurring. Sometimes, instead of letting people reach out to you, it may be better for you to reach out to them. The first customer is always the hardest to find but after the first one, others will come more easily. Build your relationships, offer a great a service and you will naturally grow your influence. However, in order to grow your presence, get on social media. For every project you finish, talk about it on Instagram, Twitter etc. Gaining followers who love your art will definitely make you a more appealing artist to hire.
  2. Mini

    Hello World

    Welcome to the community. It's great to have you here!
  3. I would probably say starting off is the hardest. With lacking skills, experiences and connections, you would spend more time searching for clients than actually doing work.
  4. Fitting into the theme of freelancing, what sort of tools do you guys use for your daily projects? I typically just use the following for web development projects : Sublime Text 3 Bit of Photoshop
  5. Mini


    I'm someone who enjoys being lazy so I'd go with : Gaming (Cities Skylines, Civilization VI etc.) Food Probably a bit of web development as a hobby too. I never finish a project though.
  6. Just joined up on Hypelance to lurk around. Let's see how popular this site becomes.
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