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  1. Heyo, my name is Pranav, and I am a developer. I have been programming since I was 9, and now, I am a full time student, and I love developing websites , and I have decided to help people to put up their own websites. I am an expert in Bootstrap design and mainly deploying on GitHub Pages, a free hosting website, etc, and setting up websites, and teaching people how to maintain their websites, more than design. I was invited to Hyperlance from Reddit, and this seems like an amazing community, and I cannot wait to help you all out! My price is usually a range of $60-$100 to import a Bootstrap theme, and fully set it up with a custom domain on GitHub pages. I charge a bit extra for the source code, upto $20. Instruction comes at legal minimum wage are around $15/hr(can vary if you are demanding more complex training, the max is $18/hr). Websites are a great way to show off your resume and your thoughts by setting up a personal website or blog, and can be a great boon to your resume!
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