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  1. Hey! I'm a composer who's shipped several games, commercial and non-commercial. I'm able to produce music that can be ported to Famicom/NES, MIDI, and of course regular sound files such as MP3 and WAV. My work focuses heavily on melody and has been called "classic." My SoundCloud Brick Breaker Bunch OST https://soundcloud.com/dimwiddy/sets/latka-ost Memoirs of Magic OST (I'm working on an HD version of this soundtrack and can show examples on request) My rate is 85 USD per minute of music produced. If you want to use my services or just to know more, you can email me at [email protected] or DM me at Dimmers#7528 on Discord.
  2. Hey everyone! I'm a guy who does a little bit of everything in terms of visuals and sound. Visuals 2D illustration/digital painting with Photoshop Pixel art/animation with Pyxel Edit Character design (or anything else that needs a little flair) Sound HD music using FL Studio 20 Authentic NES/Famicom chiptunes with Famitracker MIDI music... also with FL Studio 20 My portfolio contains a good amount of my art and a few samples of my music. If you want more of my music, see my SoundCloud. I stream art and music semi-frequently on my Twitch page, and I even have custom emotes you can use if you have FrankerFaceZ added to your browser. I'm working on a project of my own called Latka! If you want me to work on your project, to commission me, or just to talk, you can email me at [email protected] or message me at Dimmers#7528 on Discord.
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