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  1. For Illustration and 2D Digital Art: - Adobe Photoshop (Go to for everything, assignments, dumb sketches etc.) When I like to dabble in 3D Digital Art: - Maya - Blender
  2. Hello There I'm open for character commissions, whether it be OC's, Characters from games or series, or even something as simple as a common household brick. instead of adding a whole list of do's and dont's, if you're interested tell me what it is you would like and I'll tell you from there if need be. Also any questions you may have, feel free to ask! Contacts Email - [email protected] Twitter - @salterious Instagram - @owen_is_salty Discord - Salterious#4309 Commission Prices: Example Collage:
  3. Hey-o everybody, I'm Owen Eastman, or Salterious, whichever you'd prefer to call me. From what you'll see, I tend to be more of an Anime/Manga-esque style artist, though I do like to dabble in other styles from time to time. Big smoothing tool abuser and linework fanatic. Always open for a challenge. You can check out more art stuff over on Artstation, Instagram, and Twitter, alongside the typical garbage I might post. Its gonna be good to see who I might meet in this community, so be alert.
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