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  1. I have been Freelancing as a WordPress Developer & Designer for over 2 years. I have created specially curated and unique websites like portfolios, blogs, e-commerce sites, landing pages, food ordering systems and more! I have worked with clients all over the world in areas such as Asia, Europe, America and all in various industries. Additionally, specialising in SEO for online businesses, affiliate marketing sites and local search engine optimization for small business owners. I've worked as a mentor to clients, helping them understand web design and the correct utilisation of plugin on WordPress, as well as creating Multivendor E-commerce stores. Some of my past projects: http://templemichaelcollege.com http://coinhodlerclub.com http://Lifestyleplug.co.uk http://ShirakuraGallery.com http://DrPest.net Pricing varies per project, starting @ $25/hour or per project You can view my LinkedIn Profile for honest Recommendations by my customers or to view my Endorsed Skills and any recent projects I've been working on. Regards, Denis
  2. Hey everyone! Denis here. I've been a freelance WordPress designer and developer for the last 2 years. Living in Ireland and taking each day one at a time. Thanks for having me here.
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