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  1. Hello everyone, It's great to see the HypeLance is back up, getting back on its feet and that the freelancers are coming back together. I wanted to learn more about our community here and how you guys started getting into freelancing. Like; - How old were you when you first started selling your services? - What made you get into it, what do you enjoy about it? - What was the road to becoming a freelancer like for you? I started freelancing around 2013 fixing cars and painting various of car parts fresh out of technical college. Was doing it on the side in my own driveway with some groups I was in, not exactly a good thing to participate in (street racing) but they were good people. We just did "bad" and stupid things. About a year later, I was in a bad wreck that left me unable to work and unable to move around. Things went downhill from there and was really never able to do what I liked again. Moved to a different state (US) which did no accept my certificate I already earned, so I got into digital art. Drawing was one of my favorite pass times and I used that opportunity to move in different directions in my life. So, I been doing digital art for about 7 years give or take. There has been a lot of ups and downs, style changes, adjustments and so forth. Has not been an easy road to becoming a freelancer for me, but it all has been worth it. Hope to hear your stories soon!
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