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  1. Upwork didn't approve my request too but I didn't have time to improve my submitted profile.
  2. Hey! Thanks! I mostly worked for smaller mobile games company. There were many small titles but among more notable ones I did background art for point&click adventure game "City of Secrets 2: Episode 1". I don't think it's officially in sale now. I did some isometric and UI work for "Legendary Dwarves". I did some illustration work for "Slots of Empires". I did concepts for "Archery Club" and there is some concept art for also some titles that are unnanounced. Other more interesting stuff I did was illustration work for Wildfire LLC which publishes pen&paper RPG games. It's mostly interior illustration for Cthulhutech and Chthonian Stars RPGs and expansions.
  3. Hey, I'm concept artist / illustrator with 10 years of experience in games. I specialize in environment scenes but I can do illustrations, character, prop designs as well. I can also do basic 3d in case you need some perspective heavy scenes. You can see my portfolio at: marektarnawski.artstation.com Write message if you're interested. My e-mail: [email protected]
  4. Hi, I'm freelance concept artist / illustrator from Poland. I worked about 10 years in games but I also have education in architecture design. I especially like painting environment scenes and sci-fi. You can find my artwork on Artstation. Looking forward to get to know some people here :).
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