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  1. While I did mention paid advertising, I did not recommend it for Linkedin. If you go back and revisit the strategy I mentioned for linkedin, it is purely organic and influencer driven with zero cost, but high effort. I come from a digital marketing & lead generation background, and have invested 1000s of dollars in both Facebook and Linkedin platforms and I am well aware of the costs involved. If you know how to effectively use Facebook Ad platform, you can aim for low cost per impression. However, paid advertising is not what I want to talk about here since this site cannot support that at the moment. And I admit that my statement was incomplete when I mentioned that Hypelance is not a social platform yet. I would like to rephrase that, Hypelance is not a social platform that is having robust exposure as of yet to warrant inbound growth at the moment, when compared to other platforms. One of the things that I do is community outreach for brands and platforms alike. I have personally used both linkedin and facebook for building communities around them for products, services, niches and industries. Pure organic growth with no ad spend. Linkedin is a platform with a professional outlook and has individuals from an array of business sectors, which also includes freelancers. Focus on that specific base of users and tap into them. Freelancing success has nothing to do with growing a community based platform. I really don't know why you are connecting this with that. What I think Hypelance needs now is more awareness and exposure, what can be done is what I referred to in the above, while also factoring in the possibility of not being able to allocate resources to dive into paid advertising at such a scale that is being assumed here. Hope this makes sense.
  2. I didn't get to test it extensively all throughout, though it did take a few seconds to load everything, but once that was over, it was instantaneous as I switched through a few font pairs. I really like how it has a lot of templates and placement designs and such to shuffle through. I will do a more intensive test to pick favourites. I am loving it
  3. There are plenty of freelancers in Linkedin, and it is not hard connect the dots and see how you can make the best of it. Linkedin is a space for professional networking. I was referring to how we can use the platform to create awareness and let more know. I am unsure of how you came to the conclusion with regards to a "success story involving a freelancer and LinkedIn." In reply to why Hypelance would want to ever be a social platform; It's simple: A community is a social unit. Also I agree, "we" as a community need to play a part in the process, besides merely expecting someone else to do what we can actively be a part of. I am just helping the way I can, even if all I can do for now is by sharing my thoughts so it might benefit others. I apologize if that didn't comply to the context of this topic.
  4. I use font pairing tools a lot when I am to do content curation & designing for SM. I will bookmark this. Thank you
  5. Hypelance is not, as is, a social platform yet. One of the best ways to gain exposure is to either use Paid Media, as in advertising... Apart from that, there is manual organic marketing/networking. It will work best with Linkedin and Facebook. A tip for linkedin; go by the hashtags on various recruitment and job related sectors. Grab a list of those who have got top exposure over the course of days or weeks. This may take only a minute or two. Strike a casual conversation with a few, talk about your vision and potential and ask if they can spread the word via their networks. Over a month or so, assuming you have a list of 50, and if each had atleast an approx of 50000 followers, and their posts reached atleast 20% of those, and 10% signed up, that would mean; 50k*5 > 250k > 50k (20% of 250k) > 5K sign ups. 5000 signups. For starters, I am the 380th user here I guess. That is more than 13x more the growth (if my math is right). Similarly, networking on freelance boards and groups on facebook would be a great way to scale. Then you also have Facebook Ads too. With the right filters and strategies, we can scale the cost per reach a lot less than typical scaling. There, I just gave you some tips. Hope this helps.
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