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  1. Great to see you around here offering something new to the website, Nia. Welcome!
  2. Welcome to this small community. We hope to see more of you soon!
  3. Lotus


    Great to see you getting involved! I'm eager to see what artwork and thoughts you post in the future!
  4. Lotus


    Awesome stuff. Feel free to share your work in our Software and Website Development forum!
  5. Love the unique 3D modelling work you offer. Glad you joined!
  6. It's a pleasure to have you around. Welcome!
  7. Glad to see you and your amazingly unique artwork here, Salterious. Welcome!
  8. Lotus

    Hi everyone!

    Welcome to the community! Feel free to message me if you have any queries and I'll do my best to help!
  9. Welcome! Feel free to offer your music work in the Other Services section as we don't quite have a section for that currently. Depending on future demand, we will gradually open up service categories accordingly.
  10. Welcome! Glad to have you around here. Feel free to let me know if you have any questions and I'll do my best to help you!
  11. Hey everyone, Hypelance was a project of passion, which aimed to create a thriving community and become a home for freelancers. However, unfortunately, the site had died down the past year due to negligence and lack of care. We're looking to reboot the site and achieve the goal to grow this time around! With more features, advertising and attention, we're excited to achieve our plans in the coming few months and we hope you all join us on that journey! We can't do this alone. Hypelance needs your help to grow and so we want to encourage you all to share this site around as an ethical community alternative to existing freelancing websites which have a habit of restricting your activities unfairly. Our sole purpose is to help freelancers grow as individual brands, allowing them to network freely on their terms without the need to take a cut in what you earn, however, we do need your help too as a collective! Updates This is a major update containing many quality of life changes for the forum users in our community, aimed at creating a more convenient experience for everyone. Added an automatic welcome PM for new users that should serve as a mini tutorial for those who need it; Added preview button functionality; Added more user options under postbits; Allow users to mark private messages as unread so you can get back to it later; Improved page statistics found at the top of each topic; Merged Offering and Hiring sub-forums in the Marketplace section with new 'For Hire' and 'Hiring' prefix tags! Every time you wish to create a new topic in the Marketplace, you will be required to select the relevant prefix before posting. Major backend improvements: Security updates; Performance optimisations; General bug fixes; Email deliverability has been significantly improved. Upcoming Plans Hypelance has much where it can improve and we're taking in whatever feedback we can get! If you have any suggestions to make for the site, please let us know your thoughts within the Site Feedback sub-forum! Discord Server To help bring the community closer, a Discord server for all registered members is under the works. With heavy integration with the main website, we're looking to host small events and allow quick discussion to flow for all things irrelevant to the forum. Blog Our blog had a couple of articles before the Hypelance project shutdown, however, we're looking to revive it all by pushing new content to it! We're openly inviting any writers who are interested in crossposting their own articles related to the freelancing industry here. Feel free to contact us through Support if you are interested. We're also considering having a weekly/bi-weekly feature where we select freelancers that we like and wish to shoutout. Ideally, we would want to wait for the community to grow a bit more before following through with that. Trader Feedback System Reviews on a users profile are often easily drowned out and hard to notice. This improvement would aim to offer an alternative for community members to post reviews and testimonials on a user by having a dedicated tab for it on their user profile, in addition to the existing system to post experiences on each marketplace topic. To conclude, we highly appreciate all the early adopters of Hypelance. We may be currently small, but we have high aspirations for this venture. This is a community funded project, so we highly appreciate any support we get from our Store to keep our servers running as well as invest in development and future growth of the site. Thanks for everything and share the website around! - Lotus
  12. Your concept art is amazing! What sort of game titles have you worked on in the industry?
  13. Love your enthusiasm! You've worked on games before? Which ones?
  14. It's awesome to see a such an experienced artist around here. Welcome!
  15. That is the undeniable truth that it is hard to grow such a website where all parties are dependent on each other to flourish, however, not an impossible task. The first few months are the hardest, but should the site gain traction, it would be set on a path of stable growth. The site is super dependent on early adopters such as yourself to start gaining traction and I’m really appreciative of that.
  16. Welcome to Hypelance! Although we don’t quite have an upvote system like Reddit Pleasure to have you around here!
  17. Hey there, welcome to the site! I gotta say, I sure did love playing Spore and Minecraft a long time ago. Let me know if you have any issues!
  18. Lotus


    Awesome stuff! Do you have a portfolio?
  19. Lotus


    You have some amazing work! Glad to have you around here!
  20. Love your work my man, welcome. If you have any questions or concerns about the site, don't hesitate to ask me!
  21. It's a pleasure to have you here. Your artwork is awesome!
  22. Awesome work from someone with a unique background! Welcome!
  23. I see, I overlooked your earlier statements. Apologies. That’s very valuable advice, thank you! I will definitely keep that in mind once I have time to explore other marketing opportunities.
  24. Lotus


    Your B&W work looks amazing! Inktober is one of my favourite events since my avatar was originally made in that season from a friend. Super glad to have you here!
  25. Lotus


    Agreed! You have a fairly unique style I can go by. It’s a pleasure to have you here!
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