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Key Changes

Why Choose Us? 

Your time is valuable. There are other platforms similar to Hypelance, so you’re wondering why you should choose us over them. The answer is simple: we’re different. Here’s why.  


Other freelancing platforms exist to make a profit. Hypelance is all about community. 

The main goal of Hypelance is to create a supportive place for freelancers of all kinds: artists, designers, writers and developers

Our Hub is a safe place to share ideas, resources, and get constructive feedback from other freelancers. 

Hypelance is for people of all skill levels, and we want to create a supportive and nurturing environment. Beginner freelancers can learn from the pros, and experienced freelancers can learn from each other. Clients will benefit from having full contact with freelancers, where they can easily connect and find talent for their next project.


Other platforms want a cut from freelancers’ commissions, but not Hypelance. We recognize that all those extra fees force freelancers to raise their rates. 

No commission fees mean:

  • Freelancers can offer affordable rates;
  • Clients know exactly what they’re paying for;
  • More quality work to go around.

Hypelance's marketplace is the place for finding freelance jobs. There are two ways for clients and freelancers to connect on Hypelance. 

  • Clients can post jobs for hire, and freelancers can respond to these posts directly;
  • Freelancers can post about their unique skills, and clients can reach out to them.



Other platforms are restrictive. They don't allow freelancers to share social media accounts, portfolios, or personal websites. Hypelance encourages freelancers to share everything they can about their skills. This way, clients can easily see what freelancers have to offer. 

You'll have the freedom to build your brand and connect with clients and other freelancers. 


So what are you waiting for? Join now--it’s free! 

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