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Key Changes

Getting Started

Assuming you've taken a brief tour of our site, here are a few guidelines to help you get the most out of our community!

The Hub

Where all discussion occurs. Discuss, share your thoughts and post feedback!


Where freelancers, entrepreneurs and content creators engage in business transactions! Whether you are looking to show off your work or searching for something, our posting mechanisms facilitate that!

There are expectations and requirements held when posting to set a baseline quality standard on these forums, therefore we request to ensure posts are:

For Hire

  • Informative and Relevant;
  • Contains past works/portfolio. 


  • Informative and Relevant;
  • Talks about budget and timeframe (if applicable).
  • Must be paid work. All unpaid requests will be removed.

If any post lacks the above criteria, we may remove your post at our discretion and ask you to remake that post until it is suitable for the site. Please ensure your post also follows our Code of Conduct!

Bumping Topics

Within our Marketplace, we allow all created topics to be 'bumped' up to the top of the category every 24 hours. This is in place to ensure creators are not reposting new topics multiple times.
Simply use this button found on the top of your post - 807b01b048591e0bdd344cdc285d9c12.png.ea2954228c1c9e803bec8f602c750a7e.png

Supporting the community by purchasing a rank at our Store does allow for your topics to be bumped more often by reducing the cooldown.

Note this feature is disabled in The Hub category (e.g. General Discussion) to ensure only interesting and relevant discussion stays at the top of our forums.

Minimum Pricing and Wages

Hypelance is a community for freelancers, and we aim to create a quality-oriented marketplace not cluttered with valueless products and services. We wish to set a standard of quality that creates a community atmosphere that is not trashy but instead refreshing to visit where everyone can appreciate each other’s work.

As such, we will be highly discouraging any posts that involve work under a fixed budget of $15 as a base benchmark. Additionally, all posts are subject to moderation and may be removed at our discretion should we believe your work does not positively influence and contribute to our community ethos.

Furthermore, we will be implementing minimum wages to certain existing categories of services to reinforce the basic standards of quality we expect out of this community:

Note we hold the expectation that you disclose your minimum pricing upfront on your posts to ensure transparency is promoted throughout the platform.

The Hosting category is exempt from these policies to allow for a more competitive environment of services to be nurtured. 

We hope this guide clears up any confusion for you all and if you have any other questions, feel free to contact Support.

- Hypelance

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