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Key Changes

Code of Conduct

Hypelance has the obligation to ensure a safe, ethical and respectful environment for its users across the globe and therefore will conduct its business in accordance with all applicable rules, regulations and laws. Generally speaking, as long as you follow our core principles, you should not find yourself subject to disciplinary actions.

Please note that not every situation cannot be accounted for and therefore our site moderators do hold full discretion to remove any content or terminate accounts without prior notice. All instructions from our staff team must be followed.


Site Guidelines

  • No harassment, abuse or discrimination of any kind. 
    • Including defamatory content towards other individuals or groups.
  • No spam or excessively low quality posting.
  • No unsolicited advertising.
    • Including referral/affiliate links.
  • No falsification of identity and all information provided will be true and correct.
    • e.g. Misrepresentation of oneself by impersonation of others.
    • Only one account per person unless explicit permission has been given by staff.
  • No pornographic, sexually explicit or obscene content.
  • Keep content in English as much as possible.
  • Privacy and confidentiality must be respected.
    • Do not post other's personal identifiable information (such as email addresses) without their explicit permission.
  • Do not post any content that that infringes upon any copyright or other intellectual property rights.
  • Or otherwise content that violates any law or regulation.


Marketplace Guidelines

As an extension to our site guidelines, these policies aim to protect and improve how our users engage with our marketplace.

  • Do not advertise products/services which you do not own or hold the right to redistribute.
    • Cracked, social engineered or fraudulent goods are forbidden.
  • Do not post or participate in projects involving in illegal or black-hat activity.
  • All posts in Hiring must be paid work.

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